Microsoft-LogoDeze week kregen wij de maandelijkse Microsoft® Licensing Update van Didactive binnen. Hierin stond een column die onze aandacht trok. Na overleg met de auteur kregen wij toestemming om dit te publiceren voor onze klanten en relaties. Lees hieronder ( in het Engels) de pakkende vergelijking tussen een Pizzeria en Microsoft!


From the editor                                                                                   Volume 9, issue 5, May 2015
A pizzeria monetizes its products and services in a very simple way: everything is on the menu and has a non-negotiable price tag. If Microsoft would own and manage a pizzeria, life would be different though.

  • Separate menus exist for students (Academic Pizza), families (Home Pizza) and business-related meals (Corporate Pizza). The content of the pizzas is identical, only the price tag is different.
  • How you should eat and what you may otherwise do with your pizza is outlined in the Pizza Use Rights document, also known as the PUR. Before your pizza is served you must confirm that you have read and understood this 81-page document.
  • One of the key elements of the Pizza Use Rights document is the fact that you don’t have the right to share a pizza because any product that has been sold as a single item must be consumed by a single guest (Single User Pizza).
  • Volume Pizza Programs with considerable volume discounts are offered to large parties, returning guests and ones who claim that they will return, but may never show up again.
  • An extra Enterprise discount is offered to large parties if everyone takes the same Enterprise Pizza. A Platform discount is added if they not only take the same pizza but also the same starter and desert.
  • Pizzas are available with and without Pizza Assurance, which gives you:
    1. Pizza Home Use: the entire pizza or the left-overs may be taken home.
    2. Pizza Step-up: at any point in time you can supersize your pizza and you’ll just pay the price difference.
    3. Pizza Mobility: you may move to another table if you want. Without Pizza Assurance you won’t get another table until 90 days later.
    4. Pizza Hotfix Support: if your pizza gets cold someone will heat it up for you.
    5. Pizza Failover Rights: if the pizza doesn’t really please you then you’ll get another one.
  • Several Volume Pizza Programs with Pizza Assurance offer interest-free spread payments. Other payment options are available through Pizza Payment Solutions, formerly known as Pizza Financing.
  • You are lucky to find an account manager, formerly knowns as a waiter or waitress, who’s an expert on pizzas as well as on Volume Pizza Programs and the Pizza Use Rights.
  • After settling the bill extra costs may be charged to your credit card if you did not meet all Volume Pizza Program rules or violated the Pizza Use Rights.
  • The restaurant may be begging you for additional business at the end of its fiscal year through all sorts of discounts and promotions.
  • Would this Pizzeria “V2.0” make more money than a traditional one? Well, I guess not. So why doesn’t Microsoft ditch its complex licensing rules and programs and move to a simple one-size-that-fits-all menu? I can think of three reasons.
    1. A pizza is thing. You own it. How you eat it is entirely up to you to decide. A software license is a right to use a particular product or online service.
    2. An extra pizza carries nearly the same labor and material costs as the previous one, so the restaurant owner’s ability to offer its customers a discount while still making a profit is limited. The fact that the incremental cost of a software license is virtually nil allows Microsoft to offer huge discounts, e.g. to educational markets.
    3. The vast majority of a pizzeria’s customers will spend between US$ 25 and US$ 100 per party and won’t visit the place more than once a month or so. This doesn’t justify a complex Volume Pizza Program. In contrast to this Microsoft’s largest customers spend millions of US Dollars per annum whereas the smallest ones pay US$ 60 for an Office 365 Personal subscription. This more than justifies most of Microsoft’s Volume Licensing programs.

In my opinion, these three key differences between Microsoft’s core business and a pizzeria don’t justify the complexity of Microsoft licensing. Explaining Microsoft licensing is my core business, but I’d love to see a bunch of simplifications – even though that would ruin my business.


Auteur: Jelle Kooi.

“Deze column is met toestemming van de auteur overgenomen uit de Microsoft Licensing Update van Didactive BV (”.